GP Practices, PCNs, Federations Return on Investment Calculator

GP/Federation/PCN Per Year
Enter the total number of registered patients at your practice
Enter the percentage of your hypertension consultations that you estimate are currently managed by your GPs?
The current estimated number of GP manhours contributed to HTN consultations in your practice is
The new number of GP manhours contributed to HTN consultations by enabling nurses / pharmacists to manage 90% of HTN consultations by using EXpertCare
The saved GP manhours per annum are
The value of these saved GP manhours is £
The increased cost of your nurses/pharmacists handling 90% of the HTN consultations is £
Your net annual saving is £
Your investment per annum for ExpertCare £


The following assumptions have been used for the cost saving calculator

Percentage of the population that have been diagnosed with hypertension in the UK - 14%
The average number of hypertension consultations required per hypertensive patient per annum which includes newly diagnosed HTN patients - 2
The average time spent per hypertension consultion in minutes - 12
The hourly cost of a GP excluding practice overheads - £112
The hourly cost of a prescribing nurse or pharmacist excluding practice overheads excluding practice overheads - £37
The percentage of hypertension consultion time that GPs will be required to commit when nurses/pharmacists are using ExpertCare - 10%
The amount of hypertension consulations that will be able to be managed by prescribing nurses/pharmacists using ExpertCare - 90%

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