Accessibility Statement

Compliance Statement – International Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and NHS Service Standard Point 5

The increase in clinical knowledge and associated guidance is a recognised problem for primary care clinicians (GPs, nurses, and pharmacists) whose day-to-day decisions rely on timely, context-sensitive information relevant to an individual patient’s comorbidity.

ExpertCare uses a rules-based algorithm to display relevant clinical guidance to the clinician. This information is dynamic in that it adapts to proposed changes in treatment and, therefore, assists the clinician in optimising the drug treatment of Hypertension.

The information is displayed to the clinician using an intuitive web-interface that uses text, icons, and colours. 

  • ExpertCare app is fully compliant with accessibility standards
  • All content is accessible to users
  • Accessibility problems can be initiated by utilising the user feedback/comment function, the system support service, and the solution webpage